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Office space is at a premium.

You need to make decisions on what spaces need optimisation based on capacity and usage with concrete data.

Our space optimisation and analytics package provides you all the necessary metrics to empower you to make the correct decisions regarding your space and your business needs.



Number of meeting rooms used at full capacity

Number of meeting rooms booked this month

Make decisions on space optimisation based on capacity


booking automation

Move office?

Build a new office?

make key decisions like

 – Is the board room always occupied by only two people ?

– Are you thinking of leasing unused desk spaces, meeting rooms, or parking but unsure how to plan for changes in capacity?

– Are you never able to find a free meeting room or hot desk?

Accurate capacity usage data

Our people counting technologies removes subjectivity from the process and frees you up from going over meeting room booking logs, calendars, and checking that against attendee lists, or looking through endless time sheet logs and excel files.

Space Optimisation and Occupancy sensing

 As an optional extension of our Booking Automation offering, our occupancy sensing and space optimisation technology enables you to make data driven decisions on your building spaces.

We have different methods of occupancy sensing for office space management, such as those that capable of detecting breathing while seated or otherwise motionless (CO2 sensors) and Passive Infra Red (PIR) detection, that detects human movement.

The best option for your space depends on how that space is used, and whether low invasiveness or highest possible accuracy is important to that particular space utilisation.

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