The Digital Building Platform enables the implementation of our Powerflex control suite. Powerflex works in real-time to make your building and its assets work for you, enabling you to acquire very low cost power soaking up free renewable energy when there is too much on the grid.

With Future Decisions bespoke Machine Learning algorithms we are able to both predict your energy requirements of your building and induce precool and preheat control which allows you to coast over the expensive electricity times. In short we take your deadbands and put them to work for you.


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In most commercial buildings chillers, pumps and fans in HVAC systems are significant energy  consumers. In addition to this, they are also the main factors determining building occupants’ comfort, wellbeing and productivity. Powerflex uses the Digital Building Platform to resolve this potential conflict by learning each building’s characteristics over a few  weeks. After this time, the data is collected and analysed to build a model of the buildings energy flexibility. This model continually learns over time, thus remaining valid as the building’s environment, equipment and usage ages and evolves.



Implementing this control methodology guarantees to reduce your energy spend and will make your building that little bit greener. Using excess renewable energy at a fraction of the cost helps the grid, green generation and your energy bills. If you would like to know more please get in touch.


Powerflex works by putting each building’s existing flexibility, known as its ‘deadband’, to work. Deadbands are thresholds within which no HVAC control is exercised, since occupants’ comfort is not affected in this range. This Deadband may only be a few degrees, but nevertheless it contains significant value due to thermal inertia.
Powerflex also allows your building to instantaneously decrease, or indeed increase, its energy consumption, according to the needs of the wider power grid. This provides a potential revenue stream and allows the grid to operate more efficiently, while keeping within your deadband.


FlexUP works using more energy when its cheap so that you don’t need to use as much when it is expensive. Energy prices fluctuate throughout the day both in terms of their SPOT price but also DNO cost. For the same KWh of energy the associated cost can be 100s of times greater. Using FLEXUP you can use free and low cost energy so that you don’t need to use as much when the cost is high.


FlexDown minimises your building’s power use for periods in time when electricity is more expensive or the national grid is under strain. Future Decisions key algorithms mean that you can participate in all this without turning anything off or even noticing it’s happening. It is a fully automated system.


The Goldilocks Zone ™ occurs when FlexUP and FlexDown are not being utilised. Furthermore, our Goldilocks Zone algorithm takes advantage of times when external air is ‘just right’. It keeps a record and adjusts the building’s air intakes accordingly to benefit from free cooling or heating of the environment.

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Future Decisions applies and enables the latest in machine learning, artificial intelligence and optimized control of your building. The digital building platform allows a secure encrypted and managed data service where you are free to build on any functionally as needed or choose from our suite of options.