People Counting

Actionable insight into visitors, crowds, space occupancy, and foot traffic

Our crowd and people counting data gives you accurate, real time insights using your existing infrastructure. Using deep learning, we provide multidimensional data and analysis for retail analytics, visitor analytics, crowd analytics and crowd science.

  • Optimize your shopping center, store, art gallery or attraction park for even foot traffic flow and visitor flow, making sure visitors see all your have to offer.
  • Converting passers by into customers
  • Are accessibility options and personnel sufficient for demand?
  • Managing crowd control or room capacity
  • Know exactly how many people turn up to a street fair or public events


Who is people counting for?


booking automation

Retail & Commercial



booking automation

Sports & Event



booking automation

 City Councils &

Government Bodies


booking automation

Safety & Emergency

Museums, Attraction parks, Art Galleries

booking automation


Airports & Public Transport





Retail and Shopping Center insight

  • How many potential customers pass by your store or business?
  • Benchmark & compare different stores or promotional events
  • Better distribute staff across chains or areas of higher demand
  • Understand which promotional material convert passers by into customers
  • Understand how many people enter a store to browse without buying
  • Optimise your space for even visitor flow
  • Increase the profitability of your sale points



Events and Sports management

Know how many people are in an arena, match or concert.

Employ more security or crowd control personnel or better distribute them

Know which panels or sessions get the most attendance in a conference and which have poor turnout for future event planning

Better distribute crowds at events so it’s not wall to wall in some spots and empty in others



Safety & Emergency

  • Safety and Emergency – know exactly how many people are in a building during an emergency, and in which locations.
  • Performing a final check to ensure an area is free of people before construction or demolition.



Offices and commercial buildings

Identify available desks in co-working spaces or hot-desking spaces.

Do meetings typically run on longer than scheduled? Are people frequently waiting in corridors outside a meeting room?

Manage office capacity

Insights into when the start and end worktimes times for different teams in places with flexible working

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