Meter Reading

✓ Operate Faster

✓ Accurate

✓ Cheaper than manual readings

Are you spending too much time, energy and money taking meter readings?

It’s time to throw away that clip board and get the future decisions meter reading app.

It will do all the hard work for you.

  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Operate Faster
  • Cheaper than manual readings
  • catches errors in real time , auto updates bms
  • Auto calibrates meters
  • Meter Audit feature
  • BMS + EMS compatible


Eliminate Mistakes

Our meter scanner uses the latest in computer vision and AI to eliminate mistakes in meter reading, operate faster and with more accuracy.

Auto calibration

Auto-calibrate your BMS points. Our app  links seamlessly with your BMS and EMS system so your calibration and metering data is always up to date.

Audit Feature

You won’t have to go back to the site if there’s an error or need to answer any questions.

 ✓ Eliminate Mistakes

✓ Auto-calibration

✓ Audit Feature

how it works


1. Scan the QR code to get the meters ID and create an instance of it in the BMS


2. Take a photo of the meter face and press send.Our vision processing algorithms will extract the meter reading and validate it.


The data is sent to the digital building platform where the meter image is analysed. This process extracts the meter reading and confirms it is correct. The back-end system will then use the latest meter reading to automatically check that the BMS data is calibrated, saving you time energy and money.


Our Meter Reading solution also checks your BMS meter reading data pints to ensure taken directly of utility meters, so you don’t have to waste time checking meters you know are accurate.


Automated . Accurate. Fast meter reading

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