Building occupant behaviour has a significant impact on a building’s total energy demand. Poor behaviour can result in over 50% of buildings consumption coming from non-working hours demand. Toren The Energy Efficiency Monster is designed to interface with the buildings metering data, providing real time energy feedback to building occupants in an engaging visualisation. As a result, energy awareness is increased, with the intention of reducing poor energy behaviour.


Toren, The Energy Efficiency Monster is the main character within the game. He is responsible for the operation of the buildings plant and machinery. Firstly, the game receives live meter data from the buildings, these readings then directly influence the events within the game. In addition, monthly demand targets are set, as the demand approaches the targets this adversely affects Toren and his equipment. See visuals from the game below for reference.


Should demand look to overshoot the given monthly targets, Toren will become visibly upset and more monster like. Toren’s environment will fail, machinery will throw sparks, smoke and flooding will occur. Toren will look visibly upset and will begin pleading with building occupants to reduce demand, turn off lights and computers, reduce temperature control demands and other useful hints and tips for energy demand reduction.


Toren is an energy efficiency monster whose environment is linked directly to your utility meters. You can set targets and Toren will provide feedback and monster like enforcement through occupant behaviour change.


Toren uses location specific awareness looking up local traffic and meteorological data.  This allows the character to operate in more anthropomorphic manner complaining about bad weather and traffic jams as well as Monday mornings. Toren loves his lunch time and can often be seen enjoying a hamburger and wishing everyone a happy day when things are going well.   Toren is designed with an AI backend to enable him to adapt and alter his behaviour as circumstances arise so no two days are the same. This is designed to keep the building occupants attention thereby maintaining the primary goal of energy efficiency awareness and behavior change.

Torren The Energy Efficiency Monster is designed to be displayed on a large screen within main entrances and communal spaces.

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