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“At Future Decisions, we specialise in energy data, AI, intelligent buildings, renewable energy technology, predictive and optimal control techniques.” ~ Richard McElligott Phd, Director of Future Decisions

Our digital building products work with any BMS system to

  • Make indoor air comply with UK and EU pollution regulations.
  • Save money by reducing your carbon footprint, enhance building performance and reliability.
  • Run more efficiently with Predictive analytics.
  • Lower energy costs while enhancing comfort using (Intelligent HVAC Control)
  • Suit your needs (Custom Algorithms)
AI Digital Building Platform


The Future Decisions Digital Building Platform™ is designed to take every system in your building and represent that system in digital form for the lifetime of the building or asset. The Digital Building Platform is the core of the Future Decisions offering and is the enabler for elements such a Cobra Analytics our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engines. Within the Building the platform uses custom developed code on top of a Niagara (Tridium) which allows for easy and industry standard connection to the BMS network.


PuraShield is a new air sanitizing product designed to actively kill aerosolized pathogens such as SARS (99.49%), Influenza (99.49%) and Staphylococcus albus (93.78%). PuraShield is designed to sterilize the air in such spaces killing viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould.

AI Digital Building Platform

Our Digital Buildings Products

Future Decisions provides the tools to help make buildings more energy efficient, safer, and reliable.

Digital Buildings Platform (digital twin)

Represents every system in your building in digital form for the lifetime of the building or asset.

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Enables you to acquire very low cost power soaking up free renewable energy when there is too much on the grid.

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Toren: Energy Efficiancy Monster

A fun, gameified user interface that takes buildings metering data and encourages better energy behavior from the occupants.

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Indoor Air Quality

Reduces internal air pollution by 30% enabling it to meet UK and EU legal limits for air quality.

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Integrate with any data source to allow building occupants to see and interact with any aspect of the building.    Learn more

Booking Automation

Our room booking and space management platform makes booking meeting rooms or parking spaces effortless.

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