A digital twin offering Cobra Analytics, our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engines.

Off the shelf Digital Twin for your Building.


White label option available. 

Building Lifetime Analysis.

Up 500,000 points per building.

24/7/365 access to your data.

Guaranteed fixed low cost for 10 Years.

Your data belongs to you.

API access and auto metering for free.

Ai ready for your data.


The Future Decisions Digital Buildings Platform™ is designed to take every system in your building and represent that system in digital form for the lifetime of the building or asset. The Digital Building Platform is the core of the Future Decisions offering and is enables elements like Cobra Analytics, our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engines.

Within the Building, the platform uses custom developed code on top of a Niagara (Tridium) which allows for easy and industry standard connection to the BMS network. 



Our Digital Building Platform is designed to keep your data safe and secure but also accessible. Our philosophy is it’s your data and as such you have access to it 24/7, 365 days a year via authenticated API’s or any compatible application. We never revoke access to your data.


Our Digital Building Platform is designed to leverage any BMS or integration platform. We have extensive knowledge and expertise with Tridium’s Niagara Framework (N4 and AX) for which we have written our own software modules to ease integration. That said we are happy to integrate any technology to our platform so feel free to ask.


Digital buildings can operate more efficiently, both financially, environmentally and with respect to comfort and health and well being of its occupants .

This opportunity arises because air handling and conditioning systems use large amounts of electricity, and so represent a significant portion of a building’s operational cost.

Buildings also account for up to 39% of UK CO2 emissions. As current control methodologies typically react in a very basic way to changing internal and external conditions, such as air quality, building usage, seasons, and changes in equipment characteristics due to ageing or replacement, and so are far from optimal.

The Digital Building Platform is designed to make buildings save money and operate more efficiently while increasing comfort.



  • Every point within Niagara or other BMS is made available within the Digital Building Platform (No Point Limits)
  • All Points can be charted
  • Free Access to Metering Point Data
  • Free Data Sharing via Secure REStful API’s of any point.
  • Auto Tagging of incoming Points.
  • Additional Metadata
  • Mobile Friendly Plus APP
  • See Building ALARMS from any location


The Digital Building Platform™ works by collecting high resolution data over the building’s lifetime (for every asset). The flow of information from the building management system (BMS) to dedicated IT infrastructure and back allows each building to perform exciting new applications. These include; energy and environmental optimisations including prefault diagnosis and identification. This is all enabled by the application of well developed (ML) machine learning, statistical and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and models. The use of webservices allows for ease of data visualisation and user access to data via application programming interface (API’s).


The Digital Building Platform™ is designed with security from the ground up and allows buildings and BMS networks to keep a 100% block all incoming connections. We use tried and tested encryption, certificates, tokens and authentication to keep your network and data safe.


The new, higher-order applications offered by the Digital Building Platform™ include actively controlled indoor air quality, energy demand response, fault identification and big data analytics. In addition we also offer automated management of space so you can maximize your buildings use potential with as hot desks, meeting rooms and parking spaces booking and optimization. find out more give us a call.

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